About Our Prepped Meals

Make life easier and let us do the cooking for you!  Whether it's for one night or all week long we've got you covered!  No sign up fees or subscription necessary, only a 3 meal minimum for delivery PLUS 2 locations for pickup now available- Beaverton & Newberg.

Our Gourmet Menu changes every week and comes out every Tuesday evening for the following Tuesday while our regular menu is always available.  Sign up on our home page to join our
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Orders will only be accepted until Saturday at midnight- any orders submitted after will be rejected.  Please make sure to check the website each week before ordering to make sure you have the right date.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries about catering orders! 
Thank You!! 

Chef Rachel's Story

I have loved cooking ever since I was a little girl- while other kids were watching cartoons on Saturday mornings, I was watching food network and being inspired by famous chefs.  Mario Batali, Ming Tsai, Jamie Oliver, and so many others alike were my idols, even my Bat Mitzvah was culiary themed.  I dreamed of learning French and attending the Cordeon Bleu in France one day, and although I spent 4 year of highschool learning French, the dream of attending culinary school was pushed from my mind.  I grew up helping my mom in the kitchen and would always try new concoctions and combine different ingredients and have my dad get new foods at the store to try.  I'd worked with kids for many years starting in summer camps and eventually thought I'd just go with the teaching route since it's what I'd done for so long.


After attending college and getting a BA in teaching, I attended bartending school which ignited my passion for creating once again.  This made me realize how much I really wanted to cook and my passion drew me to culinary school where the real magic happened.  Upon graduating from culinary school, I began working for my chef and catered for intimate dinner parties in Beverly Hills and then began working in some of the best country clubs in the state.  I worked my way up in multiple restaurants, theaters and upscale gastropubs eventually realizing I was stagnant and wanting more out of life.  I met my husband and everything changed- we wanted to travel the world, so we did!! We dropped everything and headed to Europe to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.  We traveled all over Europe and got to stay on farms learning about sustainability, composting and learning so many amazing things along the way. The plan was to be gone for a year, but... plans changed when I found out I was pregnant!! We made it 8 months and upon our return we figured out a plan.


I began working at a senior center preparing meals for the seniors and homeless in my local community and absolutely loved my work.  After having my beautiful daughter 5 years ago I went on a health and wellness journey of my own when I really dove into looking at what went into our foods- primarily the packaged convenient meals we all knew and loved growing up. I had the hardest time finding wholesome food that actually tasted good but was convenient in ordering and preparing in a timely manner.  I tried various meal services, prepped kits and although some were convenient I hated the mass amount of wasteful packaging, the time it would still take to make meals and many of the tastes just didn't wow me.  I realized my homemade food was better than any service I got and the idea of Ray2ZCooking was born.  I wanted to provide a service for people- moms especially- like me who just wanted good quality food, convenient, and affordable!  I was sick of not having time to cook at the end of a long day and spending 2 days in the kitchen on my days off isn't what anyone wants to do! My mission is to help as many people as I can providing healthy scratch made meals and bringing that restaurant experience right into your home.  I'm currently living in the Newberg area, expanding quickly and am so excited to be helping out so many people!